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Why Martial Arts...Nobody sits on the bench here!

Parents want to know,” How can my child get self confidence, discipline, healthy self esteem and learn to excel in the classroom? Just read on…

So how can martial arts give my son/daughter good values and a work ethic with the attitude of being successful? Just sign them up and watch them develop physically, emotionally, and scholastically. But first answer some of these questions…

Martial Arts vs. Baseball, Soccer or Other Seasonal Activities
1.Does your coach have drills for you that increase/develop your confidence?
2. Does your coach have drills for you that develop leadership skills?
3. Does your coach emphasize team work?
4. Are your own individual accomplishments acknowledged, daily?
5. Is there an award system in place for daily/weekly/monthly practices?
6. Is your coach a volunteer or a professional in his/her sport?
These are just a few things to think about!!

In martial arts we have an on-going rewards system that challenges the individual and acknowledges them on their own merit and achievements. Belt exams are excellent examples of the reward system as the student progresses and learns to be a quality practitioner and leader. Our goal is simple…be a black belt! A word used to symbolize excellence, knowledge, tenacity and discipline.

In martial arts we use a weekly word and a message to boost the individuals at our school! Words that are symbolic in all leadership roles…focus, fitness, teamwork, discipline, and determination to name just a few!! Weekly and daily reinforcements!!! Not seasonal, but year round reinforcement and with the same instructors…not new teachers every season.

Individuals with strong personal activities that boost self confidence deal with a lot less problems and social issues including school work. Self confidence and self esteem are the keys to success………..just turn on any television channel and see what they are trying to sell you about becoming a person in charge ----or in other words personal power!! Martial Arts Is It!!!

Goals, Respect, Attitude, Discipline and Esteem
At AmeriKick we have soared to the top of the industry by being recognized as one of the top 10 martial arts schools in the world in competition and an instrumental, repeated community leader with young people. We have utilized these attributes in developing a one-of -kind curriculum for you, the new student. Here at AmeriKick we are innovators in the industry bringing to you cutting edge leadership skills and martial arts practices.

All we ask of you is a few things: a positive attitude, good attendance (which we monitor very closely to keep you on track with your goals), your commitment to the program and your tuition kept timely. Meet us with these obligations and we will untap the new positive self image and self disciplined life you strive for.

Here at AmeriKick we believe that a person who has definitive positive goals, respect for himself and others, a positive outlook on life, a self disciplined life-style along with a healthy self esteem will be a successful and productive member of our community.

All of our programs here at AmeriKick emphasize:
1.) Developing Social Skills and Interaction
2.) Developing Motor Skills (children)
3.) Promoting Self Discipline
4.) Developing Learning Skills
5.) Teaching Safety in the Community
6.) Developing Self Confidence
7.) Self Defense and avoiding negative behaviors like laziness and quitting

"Mastering Ourselves"
Understand what we are all about……….to be successful; we have to deal with our internal fears first!!! Yep, its really that simple to diagnose….the trick is then to overcome them. Unfortunately there is no quick fix, but there is one on-going successful package….Martial Arts! Learning to earn something on your own, at your own pace, not being compared to anyone else, but you alone earning something, and accomplishing goals…one belt at a time. It works!!! We have literally taught thousands of children and they will all tell you karate helped me achieve my goals to be successful….Ask some of our students who have gone to become attorneys, professional graphic artists or pharmacists, in addition to being successful black belts…the list is long!

They all learned at a very early age that fears will not go away…you have to meet them and learn to meet and overcome them, and yes by yourself! We show you the tools, prepare you and assist you in your development to be whatever you want to be!!! The tools are the same and the results are up to you. We call it: TRANSFERENCE.

Transferring your discipline you learned in karate to other attributes in your life. Transference gives you power, strength and a will of not quitting every time things get difficult. Unfortunately, in today’s society parents want to bail their children OUT every time things get a bit difficult…yes its true! Documentaries on shows similar to 60 minutes have discussed it. We enable our children and not let them learn on their own with the tools they are given. They must learn to know and accept the ups and the downs … not everyone can be a winner every time, not everyone gets an award every time…reinforcing who the child is and working to their potential is the first step…and that’s exactly how we operate our classes.

"Free Lessons"
How to sign up and get your 2 Free Semi/ Private Lessons
We offer 2 FREE semi private classes when you sign your child up with any of our intro programs. Yes FREE that’s a $60 value FREE to you. We want you to feel comfortable in our school and gain rapport with our professional instructors. In addition to that, if you are still not sure that this is for you, we will give you 2 FREE classes BEFORE you do one of our Intro programs. Yes BEFORE. We want you to make sure your decision is what you want. After your classes we are confident our school is for you.

If you register today, you also qualify for a student/parent instructor conference free of charge to review and establish your goals for the school.
FREE UNIFORM…upon starting our Intro Program you receive a FREE AmeriKick uniform, yes absolutely free, a $49 value.
To register please call us at 913-438-5425 or email for an appointment ASAP as our classes fill very rapidly.

"The Purpose of Martial Arts"
Please understand all the elements instructed in our classes related to personal defense and defensive tactics are instructed for the purpose of non-abuse. That means there is a time and place where we do our karate and also that the skills learned are only for personal protection, not for bullying or misuse.

The stages of personal defense involve:
1. Awareness
2. De-escalation
3. Defensive Action.

As you may see stage 1 and stage 2 are really knowledge about the environment you live in, conflict resolution and avoidance…before getting to the Defensive Action phase. We stress this in all our classes and to the children daily.

Our guarantee; if you are not happy with the intro program you can keep the uniform as a gift to you. We trust you will like our programs.


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