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tuition, fees and retail products

Professional Billing and Tuition Services
Our Convenient Auto-Debit Program (Monthly Program)
AmeriKick Martial Arts contracts with Member Solutions and utilizes their professional, secure services for all the financial obligations pertaining to tuition services for students.

Member Solutions provides auto-debit programs, credit card billing and direct billing services for our customers here at AmeriKick. Services are 100% guaranteed and 100% supported.

Here at AmeriKick we want to spend our time instructing our students to be the best…therefore we do not bill or collect fees at the school, all on-going service agreements are handled by our billing company

Program Age Minimum Program Available Programs

Tigers 3-4 3 months Paid in Full Program Only
Dragons 5-7 6 months Month to Month, or Paid in Full
Youth 8 & up 6 months Month to Month, or Paid in Full
Adult /Teen Basic 13 & up 6 months Month to Month, or Paid in Full
Dragon Elite...Honors Program 5-8 1 Year Month to Month, or Paid in Full

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Discounts-Family, Corporate, and Military
• Ask about our family discounts available

• AmeriKick partners with many businesses around the country, ask if your company has a corporate discount with our school!

Training Equipment Price List
What Are My Equipment Requirements?

Safety Is Always First At AmeriKick!!!
We have tried them all! Over the past 30+ years we have watched the industry grow and change and we do our best to work with national companies on research and development to provide top quality products for our students. We are professionals when it comes to safety, therefore we require you to purchase your equipment from our school, as we know what works, what is safe and what is reliable. To prevent injuries in the training of martial arts we advocate the use of designated safety equipment for all levels of training. (Equipment and supplies purchased outside of our school or organization is prohibited)

The following is a list of your mandatory requirements:
Protective Groin Cup for males

Mouthpiece and Hand Pads

Protective Foot Pads, Shin Pads, Headgear.

How Much Will The Equipment Cost?

"Training Equipment Price List
Safety Equipment Co-Branded with our Logo(s)
• Black Belt Club Students receive 10% discount
Dragon Elite Students receive 10% discount
Masters Club Students receive 15% discount (prices subject to change)

Protective Hand Pads $34
Protective Foot Pads $34
Protective Shin Pads $28
Protective Head Gear (foam type ) $34
Protective Head Gear - Professional Top Ten Brand $109
Protective Groin Cup/Supporter-Tuck Under Type $14
Protective Mouth Piece (specially designed "for braces" can also be purchased) $2
Purchase all of your required equipment before the end of your Intro/Trial Program and receive a free official AmeriKick T-Shirt

Additional School Items
• School Duffle Bags $28 & $54
• Face Mask $69
• AmeriKick Hooded Sweatshirt $39
• AmeriKick T-Shirt $15
• AmeriKick Polo $34
• Bag Gloves $24 & $49
• Mouthpiece Case $5

Uniforms- includes silk screened logos
Student Uniform (size 000-3) $40
Student Uniform (size 4-7) $45
Heavy Weight Uniforms $65
Black Belt Club $59
Tournament Uniform $59
Masters Club $59
All Star Fighting Uniform $89
Masters Club & Black Belt Club Weapons
Kamas (wood handle) $54
Kamas Ultra-Light $65
Bo Staff Ultra-Light $49
Bo Staff - Traditional $65
Samurai Sword Ultra-Light $199

Additional Items: Sparring Equipment, Safety Equipment, Hand Wraps, Heavy Bags, Flooring, Videos & More(see instructor)

Examinations & Graduations
Privilege of Exam: Exams are an earned privilege that comes with responsibility. The student must have adequate attendance, be current on tuition and for kids, a good report from home.

Students will be given written notice for their exams. All criteria: times, fees, required equipment etc. is included on the list. Do not be late for your exams, have your full uniform on with all patches you have earned placed in the appropriate place on the uniform.
Parents are always welcome to watch the tigers, dragons and under belt exams. Black belt exams are closed to all except invited black belts.
AmeriKick schools do charge a very nominal fee for examinations.

All Examinations Include:
• Belt
• Official Certificate
• International Registry of Rank with the AKT-American Karate & Tae Kwon Do Association.
(All Examinations are held outside of class time)
Black Belt Exams include:
• Embroidered belt
• Official Registered Certificate of Rank
• Samurai Sword
• Black Belt Extravaganza & year end awards ceremony

Important Note for Black Belt Club Members:
All Black Belt Club & Masters have Discounted Exams.

NOTE: Referrals to the school can earn you Dojo Dollars and can be used on your Belt Exams. Referrals are the strongest source of advertising we have...if you like what we do tell someone and thank you!

Private Lesson Information

Private lessons are focused personally tuned instructive sessions (from one to five students) available with any Certified Instructor or Staff Instructor approved by Sensei Robert .
These focused personal lessons are not held during regularly scheduled class times.
All private lessons will be held at the AmeriKick Dojo.

Private Lesson Policy Items
• Private lessons are paid for in advance at time of scheduling
• Private lessons not cancelled within 24 hours are considered non-refundable.
• Private lessons are not available to Tiny Tiger children.
• No refunds on private lessons.
• Small Group Discount - When scheduling a Semi-Private Lesson each attending student receives $5 off private lesson fee. (Children must be working on same criteria)

1-5 Lessons – 30 Minutes - $40 each
6 or More Lessons – 30 Minutes - $35 each
1-5 Lessons – 1 Hour - $80 each
6 or More Lessons – 1 Hour - $70 each

Visitor Fees
Visitor Guests Workout Payments
(Excludes Kickboxing)
AKT Certified Member- $5

Non-AKT Member-$20

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