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"Give the Dynamic Gift of Confidence"
"Things we are told at AmeriKick Martial Arts"
“He’s now almost straight A’s…the turnaround has just been incredible!”

“The kids who attend karate here, especially those who have been here for a while, have a strong presence and unbelievable self-confidence...they appear much older than they really are!
“I decided if they can do it, I can do it.” Its now a family activity...

Sensei Robert is a very positive and personable teacher. He is extremely patient with the children. An excellent communicator with his students and their families. Every week we receive a weekly update of all the upcoming events. My grandson has learn so much from him. He has gained confidence. He is learning self-control. Our family would highly recommend the Lenexa Amerikick.

- Karen Spratlin

When the AmeriKick - Lenexa karate school opened near us, we were very excited to give martial arts a try. Our 3 kids, age 12, 8, and 5 have LOVED both learning karate and their teacher, Sensei Robert. He has the right mix of fun and discipline to keep the kids interested and advancing in their skills. We tell everyone how great our experience has been at AmeriKick.

- Brian and Michelle Siegrist

My daughter started martial arts several months ago at Amerikick Lenexa. She has always had self esteem issues and it affected her schoolwork. However, since starting these karate classes ALL of her grades have improved a grade level or more. Her self esteem and social confidence levels have also sky rocketed. Sensei Robert has a fun attitude when teaching and helps the kids build self control and confidence. I was so impressed that I have also signed up and couldn't be on a better path for good health. Its nice having the confidence to be in tournaments too! Thank you Sensei!!

- Briana L.

Sensei Roberts is a fantastic teacher with lots of patients. My husband checked out about 5 different facilities before choosing AmeriKick. Very impressed with the way Robert works with our son. He is also an EXCELLENT communicator! Would HIGHLY recommend this facility!

- Alison D.

We have had a wonderful experience with Lenexa Amerikick! Sensei Robert has a magic touch with his students! In the few months we have been at the school my son has become more motivated and responsible in all aspects of his life! School work has improved! He helps at home WITHOUT BEING ASKED!! YEAH! Most importantly he is learning in a supportive, respectful environment and is having a blast while doing it!!

- Parent of Student


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