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tiger and dragons

The Fun, Exciting Little Ninjas Program Tigers Ages 3-4...Dragons Ages 5-7

"Tigers" Age Specific Program
Preschool Ages 3-4 Years
The Tigers, preschool ages 3-5 enjoy class time one day per week. There are convenient daytime classes and afternoon classes as well. The Tigers curriculum is full of fun stretching activities, listening skills activities and of course physical activities that challenge the young children’s balance and focus. Stripe rewards/recognition for their belts are completed each day after class. Upon graduation from the Tigers program, the student moves directly into the Dragons curriculum. The tigers have 8 stages/colors of belts.
Examinations for the students occur approximately every 8 weeks, that is, if the student has good attendance. Each week the students have a "word of the week" to focus on, from fitness to discipline, every class is fun and challenging.

Tiger Belt Ranks
White Yellow Orange Green Blue Purple Red Black

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"Dragons" Age Specific Program
Ages 5-8 Years
The Dragons program (ages 5-8) enjoy their class time 2 days per week. The repetition of twice weekly is very important for these age groups as they are exposed to more martial arts techniques than the Tigers. The Dragons enjoy both physically and mentally challenging drills while exploring the fun curriculum offered. Stripe recognition/rewards are presented weekly in class to the student (providing they have good attendance). The Dragons have 8 stages/colors of belts. Upon graduation from the Dragons curriculum the student enters the solid belt/youth curriculum and begins as a yellow belt.

Dragon Belt Ranks
White Yellow Orange Green Blue Purple Red Black

"Dragon Elite Program" for the serious Little Dragon
The Dragon Elite program is available to successful Little Dragons that have achieved their purple striped belt. The Dragon Elite allows the student to train an additional day per week and attend our black belt club class that occurs 1 time per month. Ask your instructor for more details!
You can always pick out a Dragon Elite Member, with their sharp technique and bright blue uniform!

Program Overview
Welcome to the highly motivated and structured “Little Ninjas Karate Program”. This age specific program is structured and designed for two specific age group(s) 3-4 year olds (Tigers) and 5-7 year olds (Dragons), boys and girls. These entry-level programs allow the student the privileges of advancing and learning basic martial art techniques in a safe, controlled, and moderately paced environment. We place a great deal of emphasis on self-discipline through teaching techniques that are based upon positive reinforcement.

The class structure is designed to keep the child’s interest, while learning the values of martial arts. The curriculum is fun, challenging and informative. Most children who begin this program are shy, but in just a few classes that will begin to dissipate, as they become more comfortable. You will see gradual improvement in this area as well as in their learning to work together with other children. We just ask that you encourage your child to be patient.

Working at home is encouraged and we ask that you assist with this, as just 5-10 minutes a day can increase their interest level and create a positive attitude by developing confidence in their techniques. We always welcome your input and encourage you to talk to the instructors.

Pre-Operational Stage of Development
The development stage for children that allows them to understand information in concrete, simplistic manners is the Pre-Operational Stage of Development. They exhibit intuitive thinking; "doing what feels right." You may know this as pretend play.

Pre-school children are attracted to animals as characters in books and literature, therefore many analogies to animals are used in the age specific programs we offer. Pre-school children often enjoy running, jumping and hopping therefore you will see activities that involve these skills utilized in class as well. This carries over to the early school years as well.
8 Steps to Success…Weekly Motivational Tool

Our Reward System Improves Children's Self-Esteem
Focus=Red Stripe
Teamwork=Blue Stripe
Control=Green Stripe
Balance=Yellow Stripe
Memory=Orange Stripe
Discipline=White Stripe
Fitness=Black Stripe
Coordination=Brown Stripe

Each week of positive performance the students are rewarded with stripes on their belts to signify their achieved goal(s). Class drills and activities are always associated with the word of the week and we encourage parents to support the children and to make sure they practice the word of the week outside of class time. The word of the week is a very powerful tool for learning and developing positive behaviors.

Examinations are approximately every 8 weeks for Tigers & Dragons. To qualify for exams a student must have:
1) a minimum of 16 lessons since receiving current ranking;
2) respectful attitude in class;
3) achieve or working toward the required physical proficiencies;
4) loyalty and dedication to the school, retention of class material, attendance (minimally 2 days per week), and overall student performance. Instructors will distribute a note for the student to take home with instructions on how to prepare for the test as well as dates and times of the exams.
Should a student miss an exam date, they will be rescheduled at the next scheduled exam time.

Parents are always welcome to view all the Tigers & Dragons examinations. Exams are outside of class time and usually last approximately 1 hour. We encourage parents to take photos after the exams and celebrate with your child as it is a positive step forward in their learning and development.


Dragon Belt Ranks
White to Yellow 8 weeks and approx. 16 classes
Yellow to Orange 8 weeks and approx. 16 classes
Orange to Green 8 weeks and approx. 16 classes
Green to Blue 8 weeks and approx. 16 classes
Blue to Purple 8 weeks and approx. 16 classes
Purple to Red 8 weeks and approx. 16 classes
Red to Black 8 weeks and approx. 16 classes
Black to Solid Yellow 8 weeks and approx. 16 classes


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